Number 27, Folkingham: a stylish celebration of two cultures

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Set in the Lincolnshire village of Folkingham, Number 27 was looking sadly neglected when a Japanese couple decided to transform it into their ideal living space. With the help of renovation specialists Architettura, this listed building has become a comfortable home that combines character and contemporary design.Folkingham front before

Previously a bakery, a craft centre and a boutique hotel, Number 27 is packed with historical features which the property’s new owners were determined to keep. As a result, they asked Architettura to come up with a modern design that would fit in with the existing building, as well as enhancing its original character. Folkingham old fireplace

Although Number 27’s new owners particularly loved the property’s traditional English look, living in Tokyo had given them a taste for oriental decor. They decided to aim for a fusion of Japanese simplicity and English character, using natural materials to create a country cottage style exterior. Any new technology has been hidden where possible. 

Because Number 27 was in such a poor structural state, an enabling contract was put in place when building plans were submitted, allowing the project team to open up the property before starting work. The Building Control team met several times at this early stage, to make sure that the listed building would comply with building regulations. They also carried out regular inspections throughout the building process.

Fire safety plays an important part in every renovation, so a full fire risk assessment was carried out on Number 27, resulting in the installation of a fire misting and alarm system. A structural engineer also assessed the property, recommending that the existing structure could be retained.

While the owners of Number 27 wanted Architettura to integrate modern technologies where appropriate, they also wanted sustainability and ecological considerations to play a key role in the design of their new home, As a result, the property’s existing historic fabric was upcycled and the project used reclaimed and locally sourced materials, including Clipsham Limestone and English Oak and lime. Folkingham bedroom

Bringing the building up to date also involved improving its insulation and increasing security by adding physical locks, alarms and exit/entry control systems. The use of CAT 6 network cabling enabled the project team to provide internet access and an integrated audio-visual system, which is linked to the security system in order to provide remote access to the alarm.

The owners of Number 27 are particularly pleased with their new home’s heating system, as it has reduced their outgoings and created a much cosier living space. The house is heated by a combination of underfloor heating and traditional radiators, which are fired by an energy efficient condensing oil-fired boiler.

Good communication is always crucial when a renovation is being carried out, but it’s doubly important when the property’s owners live abroad! Thankfully, strong project management and frequent clear communications helped the renovation of Number 27 to progress smoothly.

The site was managed by a project plan and a room by room schedule of works. These were communicated to the team via email, text, phone and cloud storage. Schedules were also posted in each room and the clients were given a daily or weekly update by their agent.

Effective communication also helped the project team to deal with challenges. The dilapidated state of Number 27 meant that its renovation was subject to many changes, which were often accompanied by new hazards. These were constantly communicated to everyone working on the site.

The team also successfully overcame a more personal challenge when they lost a member due to a serious car accident. According to Architect Mark Hamblin, “it is a testament and a tribute to everyone involved that they were able to knit together as a team, cover for each other where needed and still deliver a build of this quality.”

Despite encountering technical and personal difficulties, Architettura’s classy renovation of Number 27 has safeguarded the future of a historic building. The property’s owners are extremely happy with their comfortable new home, which celebrates both traditional English architecture and contemporary Japanese style. Folkingham front new

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