Penbwch Isaf Farm-a harmonious blend of old and new

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When Simon and Nicola Moon decided to extend Penbwch Isaf Farm, they envisioned creating a contemporary sunroom that would feature a large foundation stone from the 200-year-old property. Keen to get going on their extension, the couple had a set of plans professionally drawn up, but their excitement turned to disappointment when they couldn’t find a local builder. Thankfully, Excel Home Design came to their rescue.Penbwych at night

Experts at turning homeowners’ ideas into practical but stylish designs, the team at Excel specialise in developing homes that enhance their owners’ quality of life. Having looked at the Moons’ set of plans, they pointed out the problems and opportunities it presented and developed the brief to include a rooftop terrace leading from the master bedroom.

As the proposed terrace would sit above the Moons’ sunroom, it would give the couple an incredible view of their home and the local countryside without significantly impacting the surrounding area. To make the new addition possible, the planned dorma-window was redesigned.

According to Excel Home Design, the first step in any new development is careful and comprehensive planning, so pre-commencement meetings were scheduled to take place very early on in the process. Holding these would make sure that the Moons knew exactly what they wanted.

Once the team at Excel and their clients had agreed on a final brief, Excel discussed the project with their local building control inspectors to identify any issues relating to building regulations compliance. They also made sure that they were using the right building materials.

To bring Penbwch Isaf Farm up to date and improve its environmental performance, the project team had to carry out a number of upgrades. They installed A-rated windows, underfloor heating and LED lighting, as well as making sure that the property met current air leakage targets.

Clear communication between Excel, building control, the clients and various suppliers meant that the Moons’ extension was completed on time and within budget. The couple were so impressed with Excel Home Design’s approach, delivery, management and finish, that they have invited the company to work on a new commercial project.

When Simon and Nicola Moon first planned their extension, they wanted to create a modern sunroom that would blend harmoniously with their historic home. Doing this has created a property with enormous visual impact and a sense of continuity.Penbwych image 2 distance

According to owner Nicola Moon, Penbwch Isaf Farm’s new sunroom and balcony have enabled the family “to enjoy and appreciate their home and garden in new ways” by taking the outside in and the inside out. She and her husband are thrilled with their “seamless” extensions and are enjoying it to the full: “To open the bi-folding doors on a nice day when you are having breakfast and to see the birds in the garden, it’s absolutely lovely…you could be anywhere in the world”.

Penbwch Isaf Farm won the LABC South Wales award in the Best Extension or Alteration to an Existing Home category.Penbwych aerial view

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