Is a new kitchen really going to add value to my home?

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We all love a new kitchen and when looking for a new property it is often the one room in the house that can swing the decision-making process. However, does a new and modern kitchen really add that much value? Or is it just a “nice to have”?Is a new kitchen really going to add value to my home?

The National Association for Estate Agents (NAEA) states that if you have plans to improve just one room before you put your home up for sale, that room should be the kitchen. They estimate that improving the kitchen can add anywhere from 5 to 10% to the value of your home – depending on the quality of the renovation. On an average £250,000 home – that is a significant amount of money.

However, making sure the kitchen improvement is right for your target market is the first step towards all the lovely extra cash. So take note of some of our tips for installing the perfect kitchen that your buyers will love:

Plan your new kitchen carefully

This means designing it so it is efficient to use (remember the sink, cooker and fridge triangle), easy to keep clean and provides plenty of workspace. A kitchen supplier will usually do the design for you at no cost and this gives you the ability to truly visualise how the kitchen will work in a practical sense.Is a new kitchen really going to add value to my home?

Ensure you are doing everything by the book

You need to be sure that the electrics are signed off and that any changes do not run contrary to Buildings Regulations. Your local council or Building Control office will be able to help you if you are unsure. A kitchen is a designated special area for electrics – so any changes need to be done by a professional.

Keep it neutral

Your buyers may not be as bold as you are. While you want your kitchen to stand out from others, you still want them to be able to imagine themselves using and living with your kitchen. They won’t want to make huge changes, so if you want splashes of colour, use them where they can be changed easily such as the window blinds or painted walls. A white or cream kitchen is loved by most people.Is a new kitchen really going to add value to my home?

Choose the right kitchen for your home

You need a kitchen that meets the needs of your home. This means a traditional kitchen for a period home, a larger kitchen with plenty of storage for a family home, a kitchen with lots of gadgets for a high-value home and a basic kitchen for a first-time buyer. Tailor your new kitchen to meet the needs of your buyer and to fit in with your house.Is a new kitchen really going to add value to my home?

Don’t overspend

Keep that 5% increase in value figure in your mind and don’t go spending the entire 5% on the kitchen, as you’ll only break even. You are renovating the kitchen for your buyers, not for yourself. Your budget should always be on your mind.

Improving your kitchen is an easy way to get those buyers interested in your home and you could even make a profit. Just stick to the rules and don’t overdo it or forget to get all the right regulations approvals.

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