191 Grove Lane, Timperley: a childhood home transformed

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When the owners of 191 Grove Lane decided to extend their semi-detached home, the team at Arc Design Services were confident that they could meet their client’s expectations. However, it soon became clear that the transformation of this beloved family home would require extra care and sensitivity, as every room contained childhood memories its owners wanted to preserve.a childhood home transformed

To complicate matters, it wasn’t just Grove Lane’s residents who had an interest in its remodelling. While an extension was necessary to cater for their growing family, the house had been recently inherited and a number of non-resident family members were keen to maintain its traditional look.

Having agreed to design and build a side extension, a single story rear extension and a loft conversion, architect Jonathan Riddle and the team at Arc Design Services came up with a creative solution that would satisfy every family member. While Number 91’s traditional facade would be maintained by using brickwork that matched the original property, the team would create a more contemporary rear extension using a combination of modern design techniques and technology. This would more than double the size of the existing house. 

Arc Design Service’s clever use of timber on the exterior of the extension contrasts beautifully with the design of the original house. Large windows and skylights allow plenty of natural light to fill the space and a corner sliding door system provides uninterrupted views of the garden. As the owners wanted a door system with no obvious support, the design team managed to support the overhanging roof by hiding an external post away from the building. 

Sustainability was, of course, a key consideration when it came to designing the modern extension, so double glazing insulation was included in order to reduce air leakage. The designers also chose powder coated aluminium windows and doors, as these offer protection in city environments and can last for up to forty years.

The extension also features flat roofs that include ultrathin insulation. This protects against heat loss and reduces heating costs without detracting from the appearance of the building.

Over the years, Arc Design Services has developed a solid relationship with Trafford Borough Council by ensuring that all of their designs are detailed and comply with building regulations. As a result, the drawings for the Timperley extension were approved within 8 weeks with no queries. Throughout the project, building control officers completed site visits within 24 hours of the request and no compliance issues were reported.

The team at Arc Design Services also enjoy a “seamless working relationship” with their trusted contractors and subcontractors, who provided regular information updates and made sure that site safety and project management were maintained.

The transformation of number 191 Grove Lane was completed on time and on budget, much to the delight of the inhabitants, who are thrilled with their new house. By cleverly combining traditional materials, modern design and cutting-edge technology, Arc Design Services have elevated this family home from a traditional semi-detached property to “an aspirational, contemporary home.”

In 2018, 191 Grove Lane was the well-deserved recipient of an LABC Building Excellence Award in the category of Best Extension to an Existing Home. a childhood home transformed

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Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council, Phil Jackson, 0161 912 3015

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