73 Avenue Road, London: a gardener’s pride and joy

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Daniel Pearce has always been green fingered, so when he decided to enlarge his small Victorian terraced cottage, a kitchen and dining area that opened up to the garden was top of the list. Keen to maintain the existing street view, Daniel appointed architect Ian Eggleton to design a two storey side and rear extension.73 Avenue Road, London: a gardener’s pride and joy

Because his client wanted the extension to complement the original cottage and its setting, Mr Eggleton came up with a design that starts halfway back along the side of the cottage and curves away from the street. This minimises the visual impact of the extension, as you can’t actually see it from most street angles.

The site was narrow, so the project team decided to use a timber-framed structure that could be filled with insulation, resulting in thinner walls than masonry construction. This meant that the frame, wall and floor cassettes were made offsite, while contractor DTM Interiors carried out the ground and steel works. When they were ready, it took just one week to install the cassettes.

Once everything was in place, Mr Pearce’s extension was finished in larch board-and-batten cladding that separates it visually from the red brick cottage and complements the garden. The front of the extension features larch framed sash windows that match the property’s original windows, while the rear features large areas of glazing. New guttering was also created using leftover larch cladding lined with glass-reinforced plastic. These match the cladding and were designed to be more accessible than hidden gutters. 

Daniel was keen for his new extension to be cosy, so Ian Eggleton opted for well insulated timber-framed walls that would reduce his client’s reliance on central heating. He then added underfloor heating. While keeping the space light and airy was also a priority, placing windows in every room did cause a problem, as it meant creating a potentially dark corridor on the first floor. Ian solved this by installing two sun tunnels which flood the dark corridor with daylight and maintain the family’s privacy.

As with all new buildings, sustainability played a key role in the design and construction of Daniel’s new extension. Because the project involved demolishing and constructing open plan areas and installing a high amount of glazing, Ian Eggleton joined forces with a building control officer to calculate the extension’s potential carbon emissions. Doing this enabled him to come up with a design that balanced insulation levels and glazing specifications, reducing emissions by 25%.

Throughout the transformation of 73 Avenue Road, relationships between the team members were excellent. At the start of the process, Ian Eggleton met up with Haringey based building control officer, Pierre Chenier, leading to a partnership that enabled Pierre to inspect the extension. Once full plans had been approved and submitted, building control officer Dennis Ioannou inspected the site regularly.

Dennis’s responsiveness and flexibility also enabled the team to make design improvements during construction. For example, once the first floor’s sliding doors were in place, the team decided that they wouldn’t need to install steel railings across the full opening width. Instead, they installed elegant frameless glass guarding that looked almost invisible.

While the avenue road extension was delivered on budget, there was a delay in its completion. However, Daniel and his team accepted this, knowing that the final result would be a high-quality building that offered the perfect combination of space, light and comfort.

73 Avenue Road is the well-deserved winner of an LABC London award in the Best Extension or Alteration to an Existing Home category. It has also been nominated for a national award.

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