Is it really worth investing in your garden?

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Despite the fact that a spacious home interior is prized by homeowners, a lovely exterior space is also something we are willing to pay for. Gardens are sought after and many buyers are willing to pay a premium for a garden that is well maintained and looked after – and special garden features can push the price up even higher.Is it really worth investing in your garden?

A study carried out by looked at house details from 36 different estate agents and property professionals and found that there are a number of garden features that really set buyers hearts aflutter. But each comes with a set of planning and building regulations rules and restrictions that you should be aware of.

A garden shed

Is it really worth investing in your garden?82% of those questioned felt that a good sized garden shed was one of their top priorities. Building a garden shed will therefore certainly attract more buyers and boost value. In almost all cases a garden shed does not need planning permission as long as it is less than 2m in height. If it has electricity, you will need to get a professional to carry out this work.

Patio or paving

Good quality paving was favoured by 76% of those questioned and for good reason. An outdoor space that is easy to keep clean, long lasting and attractive will instantly encourage more use of your garden. Remember that drainage is hugely important when it comes to paving (especially driveways) and that a permeable surface such as resin bound is a good choice to prevent puddles and run-off – which could get you in trouble with planners.

Walls, gates and fencing

72% valued secure perimeter and front fencing due to the way it secures the house and offers an attractive look to the home. You may think that it is fine to add a fence to any part of your property, but it is worth noting that some walls and fences will come under planning laws. This is especially the case for homes in conservation areas and for any part of the property that faces the road. Your fences may cause obstructions and destroy the character of the street. So do check before you build.

Good lighting

Is it really worth investing in your garden?Outdoor lighting was popular with 66% of respondents and for good reason. Offering security, lighting is perfect for the front of your home and will deter burglars. In the garden area, lighting can provide a way to enjoy your garden during the evening and of course makes it much safer for everyone to use, no matter what time of day. There are no real restrictions regarding lighting, however, it should be installed by a professional and it should not be directed toward the street or neighbours gardens.

So, yes, it is a good idea to invest a little money and effort into your garden. Buyers like it – and focusing on the options detailed above will give you the best return on your investment.

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