How to warm up your bathroom for winter

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As autumn turns to winter, there’s nothing nicer than waking up to a cosy bathroom. But what if yours feels far from toasty? We’ve come up with a quick guide that will help you to banish those bathroom shivers for good!How to warm up your bathroom for winter

Install Underfloor heating

How to warm up your bathroom for winterIs stepping out of a warm shower onto toasty tiles your idea of bliss? Then you could consider investing in underfloor heating, which will heat your bathroom gently but effectively. While this type of heating can be costly, it often saves homeowners a considerable amount of money in the long term. There are two main types.

  1. Dry underfloor heating systems use a series of electric wires or mats to heat the floor above. If you’re confident with DIY it is possible to install these yourself, but you will need an electrician to link the heating to your electricity supply.
  2. Wet systems use pipes linked to a boiler to pump hot water around below the floor. While wet systems require professional installation, they’re cheaper to run than electric underfloor heating.

Whichever option you select, you’ll definitely need a timer as underfloor heating can take a while to heat up.

Add heated towel rails

How to warm up your bathroom for winterHeated towel rails are perfect for keeping your towels toasty, soft and dry. With their modern, streamlined appearance, they add style and free up your wall space, as they’re usually fixed vertically to the wall rather than standing proud.

When it comes to selecting your towel rail, there are three main options. If you choose one that is plumbed into your central heating system it will work in the same way as a standard radiator, but if you opt for one that plugs into a socket, you’ll be able to use it independently. The second option is more flexible, as you won’t need to put the heating on to warm your towels during the summer. It’s also possible to buy “dual fuel” towel radiators which can be powered by a central heating system or electricity.

Keep out the cold

How to warm up your bathroom for winterCreating a cosy bathroom also entails keeping out the cold with insulation. It’s worth checking the sealant around the edges of your bathroom windows, as this can deteriorate. If you spot any small gaps, head to your nearest DIY store and buy some new silicone sealant for a few pounds. Alternatively, you could use heavy duty weather stripping, which can be cut to fit any window.

Some homeowners prefer to reduce heat loss by applying window insulation film. Once this is in place, it needs to be dried with a hair dryer in order to shrink the film around the glass. Window insulation film can also help to prevent condensation, preventing the appearance of mould and mildew.

Bleed your radiators

How to warm up your bathroom for winterDoes your bathroom radiator feel cold at the top? Then it probably needs bleeding. Bleeding a radiator may be a small job, but it can make a big difference to the feel of your bathroom! Here’s how to do it:

  • Turn off your heating system and make sure your radiator is cool.
  • Grab a cloth and hold it under the bleed valve. You’ll find this at the top corner of the radiator.
  • Put your radiator key into the valve and turn it slowly anti-clockwise. You should hear the hiss of air escaping.
  • Once all the air has been bled, water will start running out of the valve. At this point, you’ll need to close the valve with the key.
  • Restart your heating system and check that your radiator is hot all over.

Do you have any more tips for keeping your bathroom toasty in winter? We’d love to hear them, so feel free to post your comment below.

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