Hawkwind: a family home reimagined

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When it was first built, Hawkwind’s stone walls, slate roof and white uPVC windows were the height of fashion. However, by 2017 the property’s exterior was looking dated and its interior layout was no longer suitable for modern family life. Having decided that it was time for a change, the owners got in touch with architect Adam Clark and asked him to re-imagine their home.

Hawkwind: a family home reimagined

Adam’s brief was to come up with a design that would be stylish, sustainable and high tech. However, because Hawkwind lies in a Green Belt area, the architect’s plans had to comply with both national and local Green Belt policy. This meant that the remodelled property couldn’t be “materially larger than the house it replaces” and that it should “maintain or enhance the local character and appearance of the locality”.

Hawkwind: a family home reimagined

To ensure that the new building was “of its place”, Adam’s design included traditional pitched roofs and stonework that matches that of the existing building. He then introduced a modern twist by adding smooth-faced aslar stone, areas of western red cedar cladding and powder coated aluminium glazing. Because Hawkwind occupies an exposed position with little natural protection from the elements, the architect also designed a rear courtyard garden that would provide shelter.

Hawkwind: a family home reimagined

Internally, this large family home has been totally transformed, as Adam’s design has swapped small separate rooms for open living spaces that create a sense of uninterrupted flow. Some of these are double height, adding drama and drawing natural daylight into the home. The property’s new entrance (a double height glazed link) has replaced the garage block, and a galleried landing connects the old house to the new bedrooms, including a master bedroom with its own balcony.

Natural light is an important aspect of Adam Clark’s design, so in addition to the glazed link, Hawkwind features large south-facing areas of glass, which make the most of any winter sun. A vertical louvred screen allows sunlight to be controlled during the hotter months. The house also features remote CCTV, home cinema and integrated appliance systems.

Hawkwind: a family home reimagined

The transformation of Hawkwind isn’t all about looks, as it has also been built to PassivHaus standards, which guarantee comfort and energy efficiency all year round. Instead of using normal heating systems, homes built to Passivhaus standards combine very high levels of insulation and air tightness with mechanical ventilation, heat exchangers and clever building orientation.

To meet these standards, Adam Clark’s design included high-performance natural fibre insulation and a super insulated hot water store, which is connected to a new gas condensing boiler system. This is used to heat small areas of underfloor heating. The majority of the property’s lighting is low energy LED and all of its white goods are A or A+ rated.

Hawkwind: a family home reimagined

Hawkwind also features thermostatically controlled water saving spray taps and low flushing toilets that can be connected to the home’s rainwater harvesting system. There’s even a green roof above the property’s music room, which promotes biodiversity while reducing surface water runoff.

Halliday Clark Architects have a reputation for creating low impact homes, so sustainability played an important part in the transformation of Hawkwind. Stonework and roof slates were recycled, low VO2 content paints were used for decorating and floor coverings were made from sustainably sourced materials such as reclaimed or managed FSC timber. Wherever possible, locally sourced contractors were used to carry out the building work.

Hawkwind: a family home reimagined

Hawkwind’s owners are thrilled with the way that their dated, energy-hungry house has been transformed into a modern, energy efficient family home. And Adam Clark’s clever designs have also impressed the experts, as this Passivhaus property recently received a Best Individual New Home award from Yorkshire’s LABC.

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